Deluge is made in 1999. In that year the war in Kossovo that had started in 1996 was still raging. The civil wars in former Yugoslavia started in 1991 and it felt like the displacement and murder of civilians would go on forever. Again thousands of people were driven from their homes and terrorized by armies, mercenaries, part-time soldiers and war tourists. After my move from one studio to another I put up the white canvas I had prepared at the old one in my new studio at the Jasonstraat. It kept asking me; ‘with what kind of images are you going to cover me?’

And I decided to risk it, to try and make a political, or better engaged, painting. Because in my dreams the newsstories and images of refugees and victims were re-enacted by my little children and me. The dreams haunted me and I had to do something with my emotions.


Deluge, 220 x 310, oilpainting on linnen, 1999.