Ezel is a visual memoir, ‘an autobiographical study of an artists’ life’, as the subtitle reads. In it I tell about my life as a human being and as an artist. How one influences the other. By publishing Ezel I want to tell about the big adventure of being in the art-world, as seen from my perspective. Not the record-sales by auction houses, but the perspective of an individual creating, experimenting, exhibiting and growing older and still not knowing what will happen next.

As Nina Hanz wrote: ‘Peeters created these books to show the adventure and responsibilities of a life with art as a daily companion. As a valuable enhancement and a vital life force. Luckily Stijn Peeters kept record of all his major life events: important things like letters, photos, articles and diaries. After organizing these mementos, the drawing process begins. Where he creates the ultimate artists’ journal. Although his painting skills are shown beautifully on each page, I believe it is the personality behind the strokes and the planning ahead of time that make these books so beautiful. This can also be seen in the fact that Peeters has chosen to produce his publications at the Van Eyck (-academie) in order to stay an active member of this creative environment. In a world where everything can be done by email and over the computer, this book is a warm change towards a more intimate world’.


All issues of Ezel are still available and can be ordered by sending me a message. Ezel is written in Dutch but comes with A2 foldout with a professional English translation.