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I started my project on Hyves in May 2008. Hyves is a social networking tool like facebook, friendster and linkedin.

I asked people, initially unknown to me, to be my friend. If they accepted and added me to their group of friends, I was allowed to see the photographs in their profile. From these I picked one.

I then copied this photo with brushes and ink. After the drawing was finished, I made a digital image of it, which I posted on my own profile. Then I gave notice to my friend that his or her drawing was done. All drawings combined with the reactions and comments form one large work of art.

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Saturday July 29 2017 08:38 PM

Coming up : Faktor X-das Chromosom der Kunst, at Haus der Kunst Munich 28th of July until 24th of september 2017.

Residency of a month  at the Van Gogh Huis Zundert, december 2017

Amuse 2017, Galerie Wilms, Venlo

An edition of 100 for the Friends of the van AbbeMuseum, from 1-8-2017



NEW NEW NEW! EZEL, an account of my life as an artist. New issues will be made on an irregular base. For pictures and how to order look at the new page in Gallery. 32 pages of hand-written text and black and white drawings.(Ezel is een verslag van een kunstenaarsleven dat met enige regelmaat verschijnt, op de Gallery pagina zijn een aantal bladzijdes te zien en is de contactinformatie te vinden om Ezel te bestellen).

The second edition of Ezel 1 is sold out, but a third edition is produced !  EZEL 2 , also in reprint, tells the story of my first exhibitions, my first sale and my first gallery. EZEL 3( also in reprint) is thematically focused on the Grandes Machines paintings.Ezel 4 tells about foreign contacts and experiences in 1991-1992. Ezel 5 tells about rapid changes that occured in my work and the consequences of that. Ezel 6 the birth of my son Rein and the way towards storytelling and figuration.

Order Ezel by sending an email to ; stijnpeeters@on.nl

Ezel is also sold through the webshop of Heden, the Hague, Walgenbach Art Books, Rotterdam and the bookshop of the van Abbe Museum.

Book : Het Einde

18 years ago I documented all shows of the Dutch artists initiative Lokaal 01, Breda in paintings and drawings for one season. Lokaal 01, Breda has to stop their activities and I've documented the final show   in 65 drawings. A small souvenir of an initiative that was active for 32 years and will be dearly missed. I've made a book of the 65 drawings in the  printing and publishing department of the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht. The price of this small but really nice book is 17,-  it can be ordered by sending me an e-mail : stijnpeeters@on.nl.


Special Projects:

Stijn zegt Hey,  Touchscreen, Kom je in mijn schilderij? Because drawing is the preferred technique ( up to now) for the special projects you can find information about them in the Gallery under the header Drawings

Open-source painting,  in a variety of posts I give a step-by-step account of my research into traditional painting techniques. The page can be found on Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/OpenSourcePainting?ref=hl

Anneke van Wolfswinkel visited my studio and wrote a text for Hallo 040, a digital newspaper for Eindhoven. http://www.hallo040.nl/cultuur/eindhoven-maakt-kunst-stijn-peeters/