“And Once the old World has turned on its Axle
so that the new Dawn can dawn then, ah, then ...”


I’ve made this 3-by-4.3-metre drawing with the intention of having
it incorporated in the public space.

You can help me realise this goal.


I’m putting up this image to be downloaded freely from the site;

you can print it in a range of poster sizes, as well as in its original size.

You can share the image digitally after downloading it.
But you can also post it on walls in all sorts of places. I hope that doing so will foster social discourse about what “a new dawn” could look like. What is it that we dream of, what can we not do without, and how can we help each other to make the world just a little more inviting and humane?

Feel free to come up with a personal approach to this project. You might hold an open-air symposium, a kitchen table talk, a Zoom conference, or a series of classes. An acknowledgement is required, however: (© image Stijn Peeters – text Angela Carter).

If you let me know what your plans are, I can provide you with extra information about the backgrounds and the various elements of the drawing.



Needless to say, I’m very interested in the effect and what you have done/will do with the drawing, so I’d greatly appreciate it if you could report your experiences to me in a way that suits you best. For reporting and requests for further information, please email me at


Download links of the drawing

Canvas 3 × 4,3 metres – 120 dpi

canvas 430 x 300 cm - CMYK - 120 dpi with cutting lines.pdf (23 mb)

canvas 430 x 300 cm - CMYK - 120 dpiwithout cutting lines.pdf (23 mb)

Web - 72 dpi

web-1500 x 1045 px-RGB.jpg (670 kb)

web-3000 x 2090 px-RGB.jpg(2,1 mb)

Poster A0 - 300 dpi

A0-1189 x 841 mm - CMYK - 300 dpiwith cutting lines.pdf (65 mb)

Poster A1 - 300 dpi

A1-840 x 594 mm - CMYK - 300dpiwith cutting lines.pdf (25 mb)

Poster A2 - 300 dpi

A2-594 x 420 mm - CMYK - 300 dpiwith cutting lines.pdf (14 mb)

Poster A3 - 300 dpi

A3-420 x 297 mm - CMYK - 300 dpiwith cutting lines.pdf (8 mb)

I would like to download this image because …